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Akimitsu Kanzaki WEB


List of works

[1] Kazumi Matsui, Tsutomu Terada, and Shojiro Nishio, "User Preference Learning System for Tangible User Interfaces," In Proc. of Second International Workshop on Intelligent Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction (IIHCI 2009), pages 766-771 March 2009.
[2] Matsui Kazumi, Kishino Yasue, Terada Tsutomu, , and Nishio Shojiro, "An Automatic Matching Algorithm between Devices and Application Functions for Tangible User Interfaces," In Proc. of IHCI 2007, July 2007.
[3] Norman Makoto Su, Yutaka Sakane, Masahiko Tsukamoto, and Shojiro Nishio, "Rajicon: Remote PC GUI Operations Via Constricted Mobile Interfaces," In Proc. of International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2002), pages 251-262 September 2002.