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[1] Xiaofei Cao, Sanjay Madria, and Takahiro Hara, "A WSN Testbed for Z-Order Encoding Based Multi-Modal Data Compression," In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking (SECON 2017), June 2017.
[1] 田 一鳴, 前川 卓也, 天方 大地, 原 隆浩, 松本 祥子, 依田 憲, 藤岡 慧明, 濱井 郁弥, 福井 大, 飛龍 志津子, "Preliminary Investigation of Co-Occurrence Rule Extraction from Multi-Modal Animal Locomotion Data," IPSJ情報処理学会第80回全国大会, 2018年3月.