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[1] Leela-amornsin Lertluck and Yuichi Teranishi, "Idosense: Implementation, Challenges, and Opportunities in People Centric Network Over Real DTN Multi-Hop Environments," Proc. of ACM Asian Internet Engineering Conf. (AINTEC 2010), Poster, November 2010.
[2] Yuki Arase, Xing Xie, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio, "Mining People's Trips from Large Scale Geo-Tagged Photos," Proc. of the ACM Int'l Conf. on Multimedia (ACM MM 2010), pages 133-142 October 2010.
[1] Takahiro Hara, "People as Sensors: Technologies and Platform for Social Media Mining," Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU): Web Technology and Computer Science Workshop 2016 (WTCS2016), Invited Talk, September 2016.