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"10-year Awards" provides information on the winners of the VLDB 10-year Awards. This award is established for the author(s), whose paper appeared in the VLDB conference 10 years ago, that has the most impact on database research since then.
[Note: The non-parenthesized names and title is the award-winning paper and the parenthesized names and title is the paper published 10 years later when the award was received.]

Year Award Winners
(Memorial Talk: Authors)
Paper Title
(Memorial Talk: Paper Title)

François Bancilhon, Won Kim, and Henry F. Korth
(Henry F. Korth)

A Model of CAD Transactions
(The Double Life of the Transaction Abstraction: Fundamental Principle and Evolving System Concept)


Michael J. Carey, David J. DeWitt, Joel E. Richardson, and Eugene J. Shekita
(Michael J. Carey and David J. DeWitt)

Object and File Management in the EXODUS Extensible Database System
(Of Objects and Databases: A Decade of Turmoil)


Timos Sellis, Nick Roussopoulos, and Christos Faloutsos
(Timos K. Sellis, Nick Roussopoulos, and Christos Faloutsos)

The R+-Tree: A Dynamic Index for Multi-Dimensional Objects
(Multidimensional Access Methods: Trees Have Grown Everywhere)


Dina Bitton and Jim Gray
(Dina Bitton and Jim Gray)

Disk Shadowing
(The Rebirth of Database Machine Research)


Kurt Rothermel and C. Mohan
(C. Mohan)

ARIES/NT: A Recovery Method Based on Write-Ahead Logging for Nested Transactions)
(Repeating History Beyond ARIES)


Sterfano Ceri and Jennifer Widom
(Stefano Ceri, Roberta J. Cochrane, and Jennifer Widom)

Deriving Production Rules for Constraint Maintainance
(Practical Applications of Triggers and Constraints: Success and Lingering Issues)


Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu, and Rivka Ladin
(Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu, and Rivka Ladin)

A Transactional Model for Long-Running Activities
(Business Process Coordination: State of the Art, Trends, and Open Issues)


T. Imielinski and B. R. Badrinath
(Tomasz Imielinski and Badri Nath)

Querying in Highly Mobile Distributed Environments
(Wireless Graffiti - Data, Data Everywhere)

Axel Moenkeberg and Gerhard Weikum
(Gerhard Weikum, Axel Moenkeberg, Christof Hasse, and Peter Zabback)

Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive and Robust Load Control Method for the Avoidance of Data-Contention Thrashing
(Self-tuning Database Technology and Information Services: from Wishful Thinking to Viable Engineering)


Yannis E. Ioannidis
(Yannis Ioannidis)

Universality of Serial Histograms
(The History of Histograms (abridged))


Rakesh Agrawal and Ramakrishnan Srikant
(Rakesh Agrawal and Ramakrishnan Srikant)

Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules in Large Databases
(Whither Data Mining?)


David Konopnicki and Oded Shmueli
(David Konopnicki and Oded Shmueli)

W3QS: A Query System for the World-Wide Web
(Database-Inspired Search)


Alon Y. Levy, Anand Rajaraman, and Joann J. Ordille
(Alon Halevy, Anand Rajaraman, and Joann J. Ordille)

Querying Heterogeneous Information Sources using Source Descriptions
(Data Integration: The Teenage Years)


Surajit Chaudhuri, and Vivek Narasayya
(Surajit Chaudhuri, and Vivek Narasayya)

An Efficient Cost-Driven Index Selection Tool for Microsoft SQL Server
(Self-Tuning Database Systems: A Decade of Progress)

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