Wireless Sensor Network Technologies for Information Explosion Era

A volume in the book series "Studies in Computational Intelligence" Springer-Verlag


Takahiro Hara (Osaka University, Japan)

Vladimir I. Zadorozhny (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Erik Buchmann (Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany)

Call for Book Chapters:

Currently, the amount of data available is exploding. Large enterprises typically manage petabytes of operational data in hundreds of repositories, and data storage volumes grow in excess of 50% annually. The data volume increases due to the rapid spread of information technology into new application areas and the introduction of new sources of data. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) represent one of the most notable examples of such new data sources. In recent few years, various types of WSNs have been developed. Now it can be observed that wireless sensor networks have become mature and are adopted by enterprises at large scale, while the amount of information generated by wireless sensors increases rapidly. The information explosion requires establishing novel data processing and communication techniques for WSNs. This volume aims to cover both theoretical and practical aspects related to this challenge, as well as to explore directions for future research enabling efficient utilization of WSNs in the information-explosion era.

Topic Coverage (but not limited to) within Ad hoc and Sensor Network Architecture:

Submission Procedure for Authors:

Prospective authors are invited to submit their chapter proposals on or before April 30, 2009. A proposal should be 2-4 page manuscript (extended abstract) clearly describing the objectives, scope of contents, and organization of the proposed chapter. Send soft copies by email to hara [at] ist.osaka-u.ac.jp.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by May 30, 2009, and will be provided with guidelines for writing their full chapters (7,000 - 10,000 words). The submission due of full chapters will be June 30, 2009. All submitted chapters will be reviewed by the editors of this volume.

The volume is schedule to be published by Springger-Verlag in 2009/2010.

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